3 architectural designs that use less space home builder

Today’s architecture is less about grand designs, complex styles, and massive structures. The year 2020 is all about getting the most out of the smallest amount of resources available. Although this may seem to be contradictory, there are ways to get the most out of architectural design without overburdening it. The way to go is with minimal and modern architecture, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring designs.

In these modern times, perth home builders only seek and appreciate architecture that is unique. The kind of work that creates a personalised statement of not just the home builder but of the owner as well. If you are planning to build a house go for the designs that consume less space no matter if your house is big or small as it looks more classy and trendy. Mentioned below are 3 architectural designs that use less space from which you can select from.


To make your small house look big, declutter the things. Do not place excessive amounts of furniture in the room. Moreover, ask your architecture to design it in a way that the stuff is stored and gathered somewhere. For instance, you want to declutter your bedroom, ask the architect to design a place for the organizers to keep the stuff like magazines, books etc. moreover, you can also declutterize these things by using ebooks and magazines. Hence, decluttering is a way to use less space.

Built in storage

When designing your house ask your architecture to design built in storage spaces like shelves in the walls. It makes your house look decluttered and rather than putting your things here and there you place it on the shelves. For instance, having built in storage spaces in the kitchen will help you to find things easily as it gets difficult to find things in the kitchen. Moreover, decoration pieces can also be placed there. Hence, it is a great way to use less space.

Select railings wiseley

One of the latest trends that most of the architectures use in their designs to consume less space is to eliminate staircase railing. It is a minimalistic design that most of the people like to opt nowadays in their home. Moreover, it not only consumes less space but is also trendy and classy.  However, if you still want to have some sort of railing attached to your staircase select wisely. Options like iron, floating glass stairings are still available from which you can select from. It is suggested that rather than going for typical traditional railing designs go for no railings to consume lease space.

Mentioned above are the three architectural designs that use less space. If you are planning to build a house then ask your architecture to go for minimalistic designs that consume less space.other than that, make sure your home builder follows the instructions. Moreover, you can use less place by building storage cabinets and shelves, eliminating the railing and by decluttering. It is recommended rather than selecting those old typical and traditional designs go for something new and minimal toc that uses less space.


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