Guide to disinfect home thoroughly even with natural products

Disinfecting environments is an important habit to ensure the best conditions for the health of all family members.

For this you don’t necessarily have to rely on professional cleaning companies. In fact, thorough house cleaning can be carried out using a few ingredients and tools and a lot of elbow grease.

Sometimes even some natural ingredients turn out to be ecological, non-polluting sanitizing products , decidedly economical and effective.

Do-it-yourself disinfect home
Learning the correct practices for cleaning the floor, sanitary ware and sanitizing textiles, disinfecting the kitchen and cleaning appliances in the various environments is particularly important.

Do-it-yourself cleaning of the house is also a good practice to be carried out throughout the year, in order to limit the proliferation of bacteria and viruses as much as possible .

Disinfect the house with natural products
But home cleaning can also be done using more natural products.

In fact, there are ingredients characterized by important antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can help us clean the house without polluting.

Disinfect the house without polluting
Among the least polluting products with antiseptic properties we find vinegar and lemon juice . Alone or mixed with other ingredients, these two natural substances, cheap and easy to find, make up a highly effective mix.

The lemon
The lemon can eliminate germs from almost all surfaces, thanks to the action of citric acid . It is an effective antiseptic and bactericide both on humans , for example rubbed on insect bites or a wound, and in the kitchen and bathroom.

At the moment its effectiveness against the coronavirus has not yet been proven , but we know that it acts on various germs and bacteria by inhibiting their bacterial load.

WHO recommends lemon juice for hand cleansing during the World Hand Hygiene Day campaign on May 5, which was set up to highlight the importance of a very important daily action to prevent infections and transmit various diseases .

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